Best Option Restoration Water Damage Cleanup in St.Paul – May 6, 2024 Update

Introducing the Weekly Water Damage Cleanup Update: Keeping You Informed on St. Paul's Weather and Restoration Trends

05/06/2024 - St. Paul, Minnesota

Welcome to our inaugural edition of the Weekly Water Damage Cleanup Update, your go-to source for staying abreast of St. Paul's weather patterns and the latest developments in water cleanup and damage restoration. As we navigate through the ups and downs of Minnesota's climate, it's crucial to remain vigilant, especially in a region prone to heavy rainfall and fluctuating temperatures. Join us each week as we delve into the precipitation statistics, common types of damage encountered, and the invaluable insights from our team at, dedicated to safeguarding homes and businesses against the ravages of water.


We don’t have to tell you – we’ve had a WET Spring thus far. 


St. Paul residents are still feeling the effects of a persistently damp season. Since the beginning of March, our city has experienced an average precipitation total of 4.81 inches, with a cumulative rainfall reaching 7.32 inches. In the most recent 48 hours alone, St. Paul saw a deluge, with rainfall measuring a total of 2.12 inches. This continuous rainfall adds to the challenges faced by homeowners and businesses alike, particularly in the realm of water damage and cleanup.

Accessing the provided data set from US Climate Data for St. Paul, Minnesota, reveals compelling insights into the city's precipitation trends. According to the data, St. Paul has experienced an average annual rainfall of approximately 30.2 inches. However, this year's precipitation paints a different picture, with a notable increase in rainfall.


Comparing the current year's rainfall data to the historical average, it becomes evident that St. Paul has received over half an inch more rain than usual. This deviation from the norm underscores the significance of monitoring weather patterns, especially in regions susceptible to variations in precipitation levels. As we navigate through the months, this surplus of rainfall poses potential challenges for homeowners and businesses, accentuating the importance of proactive water cleanup and damage restoration measures.


In light of these observations, staying informed about local weather forecasts and partnering with reliable restoration experts, such as, becomes paramount in mitigating the impacts of excessive rainfall and safeguarding properties against water-related risks.

Without further ado, let's get to the action! This week we'll just be highlighting one job to give you an idea of the scope of work we do + things to look out for in your home or business!

1. S Minneapolis Garage Ceiling Water Leak

Customer called about a water leak on a garage ceiling. It was possibly coming from a restroom directly upstairs. The team at Best Option Restoration performed a 5x6' exploratory drywall cut in order to be able to find water source. 


You can see the damaged area in picture 1 and the the cut that was made in picture 2.


Readings with a moisture meter are taken and scope of work determined in picture 3a and 3b. Face insulation is very water saturated. Needs to be removed and replaced.

garage ceiling water leak minneapolis_readings2
garage ceiling water leak minneapolis
garage ceiling water leak minneapolis_cut
garage ceiling water leak minneapolis_readings
garage ceiling water leak minneapolis_equip

Picture 4. Air movers added to begin water mitigation. 

garage ceiling water leak minneapolis_air mover

Picture 5. Air movers in action.


Picture 6. Water mit is done. Confirmed with more moisture readings. Time for new insulation and rebuild.

Once insulation is installed. Drywall work begins:

garage ceiling water leak minneapolis_insulation
garage ceiling water leak minneapolis_drywall
garage ceiling water leak minneapolis_drywall2
garage ceiling water leak minneapolis_drywall complete

Another successful water damage restoration complete!

Although this was a pretty straightforward water damage cleanup job, make no mistake! If this wasn't handled quickly or was ignored as "it's just a garage" type of issue, the insulation and ceiling would have developed a huge mold problem as well as weakened under the weight of saturated insulation - possibly causing a whole ceiling drywall collapse (we've seen it before!).


These mold spores double every minute and would have spread throughout the home. Handling this with precise water metering and drying, we can assure the customer that no future mold growth will occur due to this leak. A obvious sigh of relief. 


If you notice any type of bubbling or discoloration in your garage ceiling (or home!) - don't hesitate to give us a call! We can come out and assess the situation with the best water meters in the industry. Day or night.

garage ceiling water leak minneapolis_completed2
garage ceiling water leak minneapolis_completed

We hope you learned a little about the water mitigation process through this job. We will continue to share interesting jobs on our website and socials to further educate the community the importance of professional water restoration services in St. Paul and the surrounding areas. Tune in next week for another water damage cleanup update from your friends at Best Option Restoration!



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